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About inmobly

inmobly is a vibrant company focusing on developing a revolutionary platform for mobile content delivery, next generation wireless technologies, and mobile applications. inmobly provides cutting-edge solutions that serve Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) , content providers , and handset manufacturers, as well as the end-user.

At inmobly we strive to provide solutions that tackle the challenges of the ever growing demand for mobile data traffic. inmobly‘s innovative solutions help MNO/MVNO’s optimize their data traffic, content providers deliver their content efficiently, allow handset-manufacturers to provide cost-effective devices in terms of data consumptions, and allow end-users to enjoy a unique user experience of personalized content that meets their interests. Based in US with a development office in Egypt, inmobly relies on a high caliber team with 90+ years experience in the mobile and wireless industries.

inmobly … Integrating networks, handsets, and content to deliver a unique user experience